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6" 8" 10" 12" Submersible Engines

  • 40-year experience,
  • Pump connection to the international standards of NEMA,
  • Quality, trusted brand,
  • 2-year warranty of Sahinler Submersible Pump,
  • 10-year parts warranty,
  • Manufacturing from 5 HP to 220 HP,
  • High-quality, high feature electrolytic copper, our own production of special PVC-coated submersible coil wire extends the life of our engines,
  • In Cast iron pumps, using high resistance epoxy paint against corrosion,
  • Short circuit squirrel cage bars, water-cooled and lubricated and re-wrapped type of electrical engines,
  • Special rubber bed,
  • Stainless steel body,
  • Have an unlimited immersion depth of field,
  • Consumes less energy and higher water efficiency,
  • Easy assembly and disassembly,
  • 40 degree water-resistant models,
  • Dealer and service network have been widely spread across the country,
  • 24-hour continuous operation,
  • 380 volts 2900 rpm


Sahinler submersible motors have short-circuited bar, squirrel cage, water-cooled and lubricated and re-wrapped engines. Coil wires are coated with a special PVC.XLPE material and fully isolated against water and are used after testing under the 3500 volts. Our engines have axial bearing system with a high load capacity, and a pressure balancing diaphragm. The balance of rotors (in the business cycle) is dynamically done. Our standard production engines run with three phase, 380 volt and 50 Hz electricity.

On demand, we manufacture special engines that can run with different voltage and frequency values.


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